January 13, 2017


If there is someone who is always bugging you or making you feel bad, if there is someone who is competing against you even if you don't want to compete back, if there is someone who really irritates you everyday... just keep this in mind, who are them to get attention from you?

They are not special, they are not your friends, they are not even meaningful to your life so don't ever give them some attention, you are just wasting your time and energy. You will feel bad, you will feel sick. You have to protect your mind and stay away from those people as much as possible. Because your day will just be ruined if you mind them, everyday is special so don't use it for not special people.

They will only have power over you if you will give them some attention, they become stronger and stronger if they are seeing you getting irritated. So you need to show them that you don't care, show them that they mean nothing to you and you can live without them.

Just be happy with your life, if they see you being happy then they will feel weak and powerless. Don't even waste a second for them because your time is your most valuable commodity for success and happiness. If you feel bad because some people are disrespectful and mean to you... think some other things, talk to some other people that are more valuable and meaningful to you.

Don't even talk to them, don't even look at them and find out what they are doing. Stay away from those people because who are they to get attention from you? they are only making you feel bad, they make you feel low so you better forget them right away before it is too late. Because if you will play their games which is disrespecting somebody... you will never win. Negative people always win in a battle because they will do stupid things that will hurt the respectful people badly. They will make scandals, they will say vulgar languages and any other things that can't be done by good people like you.

Focus on your own life and you will never be bothered again. Focus on bettering your life and improving yourself everyday. If you have a tremendous focus on your life then petty things will not affect you anymore. It is like shooing a fly away from your skin, it will be very easy for you to get rid of the things and people that don't matter in your life.

Never give attention to people who are just there to make your life difficult, they are not worth it. You will only lose your happy moments, and speaking of happiness... that is the only thing you should care about, your happiness. Be happy everyday, find the things and people that makes you happy and spend your time with them.


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