January 13, 2017


Let's talk about numbers, number is a powerful thing. If you can play with numbers then you will have an extraordinary life. Numbers will give you everything, numbers will put you to the top.

The number that you see and the numbers that you produce is the quality of life that you have.

So if you are thinking about small numbers then you are in big trouble my friend, you will also get less. Look at those people who can't get fat paycheck, it is not because they don't deserve it, it is simply because they can't think of big numbers. They feel like they are not deserving to get a raise, they were completely satisfied of receiving small numbers in their life.

But if you are thinking about big numbers and you really believe that you can get it then eventually you will. You don't need to complain about it, you don't need to whine about it. Just ask for it and work for it and it will be yours. Do you know someone who are getting big numbers but you feel like he don't deserve it? for example an NBA player who has a fat paycheck but not really talented or good. There are lot of cases like that. Those players can think about big numbers and they can ask for it that is they they get it.

You can think about big numbers and at the same time you can also work for it. What is the number that you can work? if you can produce big numbers of work then you will become successful too. For example, if you are building your muscles, how many times can you lift weights everyday? how many pushups can you do everyday? It is about the numbers you can produce. If you can produce large numbers then you will be able to attract bigger results, as simple as that.

There are people who are complaining in life and telling everyone that they are not lucky or they don't have connections that is why they are not successful. But if you will examine their life... they are only producing small numbers. Small number of trials, small number of effort, small number of work. Basically all they produce is small that is why they keep on getting small.

So if you want to thrive in life then you should focus on producing large numbers. This is applicable in any field. It can be used in business, sports, arts, music. Once you hold a large number of production then you will become successful. Once you are working big number of hours then you will be fine, you can reach a level of success that not everyone can reach.

So if you are working on something, make sure you have the largest production, largest number of hours worked and largest number of trials. It may sound hard but it is true and this method can give you huge results. Success is all about the numbers that you can think and the numbers that you can produce.


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