January 14, 2017


If you really want to get what you want and you want it fast then know what is your real intention. Never think about anything else, never think about the future or what maybe the possible consequences of your actions, given that you just want to get what you want. Stay with the moment, always think about your goal and never put any thoughts inside of your head other than it. That is how to get job done.

Selling something. Your job is to sell and not to be honest, a lot of salesman were all liars of course they will say something good about their product, they will overrate it, market it like it's the most perfect thing in the world. They will talk about how good and one of a kind their product is only to know that is not that good after buying it. Don't be mad because their job is to sell and not to become honest, they are just doing their job, they know what is their intention very well. That is why don't believe the commercials too much, I'm not saying that they are not telling the truth, but most of the time their job is to just convince you to buy their products so they will say whatever they needed to say just to sell.

Courting a girl. What is your intention for courting a girl? to be her partner right? then why the hell are you thinking about her parents? why are you thinking about  her friends? you are worrying if the people in her life likes you. You worrying too much if you are qualified, you are shy, you are intimidated that is why you can't see an opportunity to take her on a date. Know what is your intention from the first place, it is to be part of her life and not to be part of the people in her life. Your job is to make here fall in love and that is the only thought you must entertain.

You want to have a job right? then why are you worrying if your future boss will be strict or mean? why are you worried if you will get the job or not? you are thinking too much. All you've got to do is answer the questions on the interview with confidence and let the other sequence of events present itself. If you want the job then you should do everything to get the job, even thinking positive too much. Don't worry about anything else, think about the money, think about the improvement that job will bring into your life.

If punching your opponent in a boxing match is your intention then just keep punching. A lot of fighters cannot hit their opponents because there is too much going inside of their heads. They were thinking about getting punched too. If your intention is to not get punched then you should run the whole fight and stop boxing. But if your intention is to hit your opponent then don't worry about getting hit too, don't worry about losing or anything else. Just focus on your intention at the moment, be bold about it and don't entertain any other thoughts other than it.

A lot of people cannot get what they want in life because they are not so sure about their intention. Maybe they were just scared or something, but even if you are scared... if your intention is all you've been thinking of then you probably going to get it.

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