January 21, 2017


You have 3 running shoes on your shoe rack but why are you not using any of them? did you just bought it because it was sale or the brand is popular and you want to look good? What is the use of it if you will not use it? Go and run lazy human being! wear your shoes and destroy it by running a lot. Don't waste your money for buying those running shoes, use its purpose, make yourself fit by it. Don't wit for it to become old and unusable before you touch it. Wear it on your work so your mind will be programmed that you have to use it. Wear it on your work so you can run when you go back home and you don't have to remove it on your feet anymore.

You have a treadmill in your room but who the heck is using it? it is becoming rusty and old because no one is touching it. You buy it for a couple of hundred dollars because you thought that it is the one that will make your belly gone. But what happened? you're too excited before you buy it, you think that you can use it everyday, you tell yourself "this machine is going to make my body sexier". But what happened? What is the use of that treadmill if you will not run on it? was it just a display? or maybe you are conserving it so it will become an antic and you can sell it for higher price one day?

What is the use of your smart phone if you will not use it for smart activities? You use it for gossips, bullshits and any other useless information on the internet. If you can't use your smartphone for creating money then it is not a smartphone, it is a dumbphone. It's so expensive so you should take the money back you spent for that phone by working on it, there are millions of ways how to make money using smartphone so never make an excuse.

What is the use of your skill if you will not use it to become happy or make a living. You are good in singing then why are you not singing for a living? or at least take it to another level by joining competitions or make an album. Don't wast your skill because not everyone has skills like yours. Make the best out of it and try to reach your highest level.

What is the use of your feet and hands if you will not use it to do any kind of work? you use your hands for pressing the remote control of the television and how does that help you to make a living? You use your feet to kick your dog when your angry instead of using it to look for a job. You are using your resources the wrong way that is why you are having a bum life for a very long time.

You have a brain but you are thinking the wrong way, you always make poor decisions that you know from the start will not do you any good. It is better if you will just give your brain to a dog so the dog will become more useful and tricky.

You have eyes with clear vision yet you only use it to read useless articles that won't even make your situation better. You use it for watching movies that will never even inspire your life. What if you use it to watch tutorials that will improve your knowledge and skills, what do you think will be the difference that it can bring into your life?

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