January 13, 2017


Being soft is not effective nowadays. Sometimes you need to use brute force or unparalleled will in order to become successful. You need force to create opportunities on your own, because if you will not do it... nothing will change in your life.

You have to force yourself to work and stop being lazy to produce results. You have to force yourself to standup even if you are still sleepy and not on the mood to work. You have to do it. Motivated or unmotivated, stand up and do the work as much as you can.

If everything is not going on your way you have to use your will and strength to turn things around. You have to do anything that you think will put you in a better position. Of course your mind will have doubts, of course you will become a little scared but you have to force yourself to take actions and do what is right for you.

Because if you are in an uncomfortable position, all you need to do is force yourself to escape from it. You need to really work super hard and take relentless actions until you gradually remove yourself from the rut that you are in. There is no other way around, it is you either change or die.

Look at the people living in the squatters area, they can't escape that place because they are not forcing themselves to move. Of course they want to have their own house or live in a more decent area but they can't because they are not forcing fate. Yeah some of them have a decent job with low salary, it is enough for their basic needs but is not enough to move to another place. So what they need to do is to find a way out of no way, they need to really grind and turn things around. The reason whey they can't do it is because they are satisfied with what they are earning. They are satisfied eating three times a day and dreaming of having a good life one day.

Good life will not happen to you if you will not make your day so bad. Make your day so bad because you are really killing yourself in working, you are really making your day bad because you are so tired of looking for a money that you don't know where you will get. It is what it is, you have to look for a solution or else you will live in a depression.

But of course while forcing fate, you still need to make the right decisions. Forcing fate doesn't mean you have to rob a bank or do something illegal. It simply means pushing your boundaries. It means outworking everyone and trying every possibility to make your life better.

You can do better than what you are doing now, you have an unlimited potential if you will only use your time for the right things so you can find the best opportunities. You need to force yourself to move, you need to act now before it is too late.


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