January 06, 2017


Don't feel guilty if you are doing something that is somehow bad to the eyes of others because they feel like you are not disciplined enough to handle your life. Don't feel bad especially if you are doing something good.

If you are in bad shape and you keep eating chocolates and candies and your mom is always telling you so stop because you're on your way to obesity. Don't feel bad if you are exercising everyday. Well at least you are doing something good. Unlike others who keeps on growing their belly by excessive eating, they are not doing something to somehow contradict their bad eating habits. Well, at least you are still concerned for your body, you still do some good things. It just happens that you can't control your eating for now but for sure you will be able to make a solution for that in the future because you your vision to improve your body is still there.

Don't worry if your Dad is disappointed at you because you are getting low grades. Well, at least you are still passing and you are going to classes everyday. You may have low grades but at least your intention to graduate is still there and you want to make your parents proud of you. You may not be a Dean's lister or something but you still have a vision to finish your studies and you're not bumming around. At least you are still doing good in your life and you have to be proud of it.

If you're a fighter and you have a bad losing streak. Let's say you are in a three straight losing streak right now... don't be ashamed of yourself because you are still going to the gym everyday. You are still trying to improve and you are not giving up. People may call you a loser for now but at least you are still doing something good. It is just a matter of time before you get back on that winning column again. Just keep on fighting, at least you are still being positive even if you are stuck on a rut. Never lose hope because one day you will be able to raise those hands again.

If you are applying for a job and you can't get a job, if you already applied for a hundred times but still you can't get one... well, at least you are still doing something good. A lot of people will just quit after trying for a few times. They will make stupid excuses why they don't want to try anymore. Excuses such as they don't have luck, they are just wasting their time because nothing is happening, recession, lack of abilities etc. You're not like them so you are still doing something good, you may think that nothing is happening but if you stop looking then for sure nothing will really happen. At least you are still on the right track, keep going because the universe will submit to you, you will be able to find a job in just a matter of time.

You don't need to always produce perfect results. Life will not give you the results that you want all the time and that is a fact. There will be down times, there will be times when it is really hard and you can't get momentum.

But the idea here is to keep yourself on the right track. Never care if you are not getting anything great because if you don't do the right thing... you will be a failure forever. You must stick to what you are doing, great things will happen to you in the end. You will be able to figure out how to make it work and how to make it great.


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