January 25, 2017


Everyone wants to become something, everybody wants to get everything but they are missing something... it is work.

You can want it so bad, you can dream for it and pray for it but if you are not willing to work then your want will turn into forever fantasy, it will never become a reality.

You can want it really really bad, who doesn't want it? Everyone wants nice cars, houses, money, fame etc. but that is all they got... wanting it. They are not willing to work for it, they are not willing to die for it. You are just wasting your life dreaming about things, don't dream for it, work for it. Dreaming will never make you closer to your dreams, working does.

It's all about work, you can't escape the grind if you want something, you can't be just lying in your couch all day and hoping for your life to change. It only happens in movies where a genie suddenly appear and granted a lazy bum 3 wishes.

If you want it then go for it, be willing to make sacrifices, be willing to suffer because the harder the journey... the sweeter the victory. So don't ever feel bad if you are in pain now and you can't produce results. Those pain will accumulate in the end and will turn into glory.

So stop wanting it, work for it, work like hell and you will see heaven. It is just a matter of enjoying your work and fully committing to it. You need to last longer than anybody else and be the last man standing. While everyone quits... you will still continue to push and grind no matter what.

Working for it is the only thing that will work. Dreaming about it is useless, the same as waiting.

REPLACE YOUR DREAMING TIME WITH WORKING TIME. Have you ever noticed that you're dreaming for so long to the point where you can't work anymore? you stay very long in bed thinking about the things that you want. You stay for 3-4 hours dreaming and smiling on your bed without doing anything. And where did you arrive by engaging with that kind of habit? did you become successful at some degree?

Habitualize what will bring you closer to your dreams. What actions can bring you closer? what kind of process can make you stay longer? It's all about finding what works a little for you then escalating it to another level. Do it over and over again until it give you something that you want. It may take longer than you expected but it will not take forever.

Just take your time, be patient, don't rush because by doing that you will miss some details that may help you to become successful faster. This is not a sprint, we are not talking about who is the fastest, were are talking about who's the most persevering.

Wanting it so bad will not work because you will keep on thinking about getting it, your time for taking actions will be eaten by your time dreaming. And for the record, yes it is fun to rest and relax but if you want to become successful then you should have more time for working and less time for recreation that will never make you progress.

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