January 22, 2017


You are constantly improving everyday, you just don't know it. Your habits are constantly getting wilder, stronger and legitimate. 

Using every single day as a capital for success is very effective. You don't need money, you don't need any talents or knowledge, just use every single day to change your present situation. You can make dramatic improvement or disaster to your life because just like I said you are constantly improving everyday even if you notice it or not. 

For example if you keep hating people everyday, you are becoming a very good hater. You can turn positive into a negative, you can't appreciate a good situation. And even if something is really good, you still able to find flaws and imperfections. You will be very good in hating if you keep on hating everyday, all you will see is negative, you are constantly improving but the sad thing is it is about hating. You will hate the people who are succeeding and even the ones who are failing, you just hate everything about life because you do it everyday and it becomes your natural attitude, it is not a habit anymore, it is already natural in your life.

Another example is a construction worker, don't belittle those workers because they can do something that you can't. They were very good in doing construction tasks and whether you admit it or not, you will admire some of them who can really do complicated tasks. It is because they are improving everyday, they do that job everyday so they learned a lot. Sometimes they just don't know that there is growth in their job because they are not proud if it. But the truth is the are still growing and they are also improving. They are getting stronger, they hammer stronger, they mix the cement faster, they build buildings faster and nicer.

You can use every single day to become better, it is very powerful yet a lot of people underestimate it. Time is powerful, it can build you or destroy you. 

Look at yourself and see what you are doing everyday, that will become your future. So if you keep on complaining everyday then maybe you will become a rallyist or an activist one day. You will become very good in complaining and disagreeing, you will see a lot of mistakes in every situation, you will become an expert in criticizing and complaining, that is what you will become. 

Even if you are not good at something, let's say your drawing skills sucks but you keep on doing it everyday and you love doing it then you will become a very skilled artist one day. There is a big chance that you can become a national artist, granted that you don't stop making arts and you consistently draw everyday. Time can make you great, time can make you something, it can mold you, it can define your future. 

A lot of people can't become great because they don't know that the secret ingredient is just time and patience. You will just pick one hobby and do it everyday even if it is raining, snowing or the world is melting. You just do it no matter what, keep your streak alive and let time handle the business. 

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