January 23, 2017


Always keep in mind that life is not all about winning, sometimes you will lose but you still feel good because you try and give your best. There are some people living their lives full of regrets because they feel they can win but they didn't even try, what a shame, they just waste their lives.

If you are focused on trying then you will never lose, you feel like you are just playing and you know you're going to win in the end no matter how many lost you experienced. You just keep on trying and trying without expecting anything. Little results were attracted to you and you are ok with it because you feel like those were just a bonus and trying itself is already a reward. 

If you are focused on trying then you will never quit, you will never feel the pain of losing because winning is not important to you, taking actions makes you happy already and you are satisfied with just experiencing different things that makes you grow. You never get frustrated because winning doesn't matter to you, but of course you still take things seriously and you are still open for winning but trying is simply making your soul contended. 

Because if you keep on trying and trying then eventually you will win, it is just a matter of time. If you don't give up then at one point in your life you will win. Because what most people don't know is that losing streak ends, it is never forever so if you keep on trying and you don't stop then success is already guaranteed to you. 

A lot of people can't win because they were so focused on winning, they wanted to win right away without working hard and making sacrifices. Life doesn't work that way. You will only win if you are deserving and you have the track records that you put in tremendous work in the past. To secure winning, you must work like a workhorse and never regret that you work so hard. 

Trying is free and it is unlimited so never get tired of trying. It will make you grow, it will make you a different person. Treat life like a game, you have unlimited tries and you will go further by simply trying and trying. 

If you are simply focused on trying then you will enjoy life even more, you will feel less pressure and you will be totally engaged with the process, you will never get tired and you already have an advantage from others. They love to win, they want it right away so when they fail... they will be disappointed. But you, you just keep going and do what is necessary to put yourself in a better position that is close to being successful. 

You will become unstoppable, your tenacity will be on a different level because you will feel like you are already winning by simply trying, and it is the truth. You don't need trophies, money or position if you are trying. Those things were already yours if you have the mindset of simply trying over and over again, you just need for a little more time to get those things.

Trying is more fun than winning, there is less pressure, you will be in the moment, you will be keen to details because you are not forcing yourself, you simply give your best and you are loving every experience that you are gaining. Unlike if you are focused on winning... you will rattle, you will rush, you will force everything that will lead to poor decisions and less fun experience. You will tire easily if you are always expecting to win, you will quit fast because you will be very hard on yourself, in short you will be a sore loser.

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