January 10, 2017


Having your ideas unsupported and contradicted is one of the worst feelings in the world. Especially if your family and friends are the ones not supporting you.You feel alone, you feel unappreciated and less important.

Especially if you have an unrealistic dream that they thought is very impossible to get. They will tell you to just give up and find an easier and safer path. Don't get mad at them because the only reason for that is they don't want you yo get hurt. They don't want to make sure you will not fail. They want you to succeed but they cannot see your vision.

They will understand what you are trying to accomplish, it is just a matter if time before they see it. At first it will be very hard for them to see it but once you are making progress and little results and they are seeing that you are succeeding a little bit... they will support you and be happy for you.

You need to show them that you are very serious in what you are doing, you need to show them that you have a bright future and unlimited potential. If they saw that you are doing good then they will fully trust you and let you be yourself. They will trust your decisions and they will no longer be an obstacle in your journey.

Because you cannot force anybody to understand you right away especially if your goal looks very unique and impossible to achieve. Sometimes they will even laugh at you and think that you are going insane. But that is just part of the process. People will never understand you until you show them impressive results.

What to do if people around you keeps on questioning what you are doing?

1. Just keep going, never stop until you forge some results that will be the reason for the opening of their eyes. Don't worry if you are struggling, you will have a momentum in just a matter of time.

2. Just keep your mouth shut even if they are throwing hurtful words at you. You need to keep your focus sharp. Don't try to explain what you are doing, don't engage in an argument with them because it will only make you feel bad, it will only slow you down.

3. Stay humble when you produce some little results. Remember that you are not successful yet. If you want to get loud... do it when you're already successful.

4. Never quit. Once you quit then they will blame you even more, they will tell you that they are right and that you should have listen to them before.

5. Open up to someone who really understand you. I know it is hard to keep going if no one will listen to you. You also need some crying shoulders or at least a little support to somehow inspire you and keep motivated. Never open up to someone whom you don't really trust and who is just there just to get some news that he can gossip to other people when you're not around.


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