January 15, 2017


Have you ever talk about your dreams to everyone and you are building a hype that you are going to pursue it relentlessly and you are sure about yourself that you are going to become successful? I am sure you did this just for once.

It's ok, don't think that you're arrogant, this is normal especially when you found something that you think you can do and will make you successful. It's ok to get super excited and motivated in the beginning. The only question is what happen after revealing your ambitions? did you get it? did you become successful?

And when people are questioning you what happen to your goal, you will make a lot of excuses. Of course you will feel bad for yourself because you haven't produced any results yet.

So the lesson is don't talk in the beginning, don't reveal your plans. Just talk after you get the job done. That is the best way to pursue your goal... being quiet while working hard. It will lessen the pressure in you, people will not bother you by asking you how is going on.

Have you ever notice that people who talks a lot before they do something tends to always fail, they cannot back up their words, their full of talk and they cannot even take actions.

You have the right to become proud if you already succeeded but if your goal is still raw and haven't come into fruition yet then you better shut your mouth because you will only look like a fraud in the end if you don't succeed. People will see your true colors, they will not trust you anymore because you can't do what you are talking about.

People were more impressed in results rather than potential. Anyone can talk about his plans, anyone can pretend that he is great and his dreams were so big but if no results were evident then those plans will just be considered as a garbage. It's all joke as they usually say.

If you already won then that is the time when you can talk, if you already have the results then that is the only time when you can become proud of yourself. But if you're just full of plans and presentations then you better pack your lunch and go home because nobody will believe you anymore.

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