January 13, 2017


Motivation has different meanings but it has only one true meaning and that is ACTION. If you can move then you are motivated, if you can take actions right away then you are motivated. Motivation doesn't happen before taking an action, it is happening while you are taking actions. You become more and more motivated as you keep taking actions and build momentum. It is true that you feel good after being motivated by someone or something but the question is... did you really move or are you like others who are still waiting for the right timing?

Look at those people who watched a lot of motivational movies, did they act right away? yeah they feel good for a little bit, they were pumped up but did they produce results right away? they want to watch more and more movies until they become addicted to the shits that they are watching.

Motivation has nothing to do with feelings. Some people wants to feel good before they move. Some people wants to become confident before they take risks. This is a bad approach because motivation is only effective if you feel bad. Motivation will happen if you are working so hard and you wanted to quit, that is where motivation will take place, you will be able to think of some reasons why you need to keep going.

Don't ever tell me that you can't do a simple task because you are not motivated. If you feel heavy, if you feel so lazy... it means you have a chance to use motivation. Just simply move and you will become motivated, you will feel good a little bit and you will be able to produce some momentum. You cannot use motivation if you will not move and that is the reality. Motivation happens in the middle of a work when you feel so lazy and you wanted to stop, that is where motivation will start to kick in. It can also happen on the last stage of your journey, when everything is hard and you wanted to go home... you will be able to get a motivation from nowhere and keep moving until the end.

Motivation is not the solution for laziness and goal getting problems. Motivation will not make you start, it will only make you feel good for a little time, it is just a reminder that you can do it. Even the most motivated person is not sure of winning if he will not move until the end.

And also, if you really want it, you don't need any motivation at all. You will fight your feelings, you will destroy any obstacles on your way. You will simply climb your way on top and produce the results that you ever wanted. You will work even if you feel lazy, you will move even if you feel so heavy.

You will destroy any excuses in your head and force yourself to finish what you are ought to do.

No motivational books, seminars, life coaches can help you if you are not willing to bust your ass. Just simply moving will create a motivation, just simply forcing yourself to move is already a motivation. The real meaning of motivation is action, it is forcing yourself to act regardless of your situation or how you feel.


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