January 19, 2017


I don't know why there are lot of people who are having a difficulty in starting. You will just start and that's it. Maybe they are looking at the finish line already before they start that is why they get overwhelmed with the different and multiple steps that they have to take.

Starting is difficult if you will always think about the difficulty of the task, it becomes even harder if you want to finish right away or take shortcuts. That is why people who were working at the office were always stressed because they are always looking at the clock, they wanted to go home early, they don't live with the moment. They are always thinking about the future and that is why they can't become happy with their work. They always wait for their paychecks, their cycle never ends, they were caught in a rat race.

There is no convenient time for starting, you will always feel heavy if you were about to start. It is very difficult to step in the gym, it is very difficult to start washing the dishes, it is very difficult to start a conversation with your kids especially if the topic is too sensitive. It is very difficult to start all over again after failing, it is very difficult to find your first job. Starting is the second hardest part, the first is finishing.

If you are one of these people who are having a hard time to start, what you need to do is forget about producing a magnificent result, forget about having a smooth ride, forget about making it perfect and fast. Just find what is it that you can do and do it. Do it until you find your momentum, and once you are moving, never ever take a break or do something else. You are only allowed to take a break if you've already worked for hours but if not... stay on your work and keep doing it. Discipline yourself to keep taking actions until you produce results. Yes, your mind will fly away and think about something else, it is thinking about excuses and comforts especially if you are lost. But if you want to get things done then you better stay on your task and never ever think about doing something else. That is the only way to keep the momentum going.

Just jump in, regardless of how you feel, just go there and do the first step. Forget about your emotions, pain doesn't count. You need to start and produce results in your life. It doesn't matter if you have a stomach ache or toothache or headache or something. The more you entertain excuses, the more you are unlikely to start.

You need to act faster than your brain, you need to act quickly and start making movements. Have you ever experience where you need to go to the comfort room but you can't even stand up from your bed because your body is so heavy. The truth is your body is not heavy, it is just your thoughts dominated your head and it is controlling your body. There are thoughts running inside of your head like: you want more sleep, it is ok not to use the comfort room because you can still hold it, it is cold, it is dark, you need more sleep, your dream will be cut, you can stop peeing by sleeping again and any other thoughts that avoids you from standing up and going to the comfort room. It feels really uncomfortable right? but that discomfort will only go away once you move fast and go to the comfort room to take a pee. It feels good after you discharge that waste material right? So why do you keep on allowing yourself to hold on to that laziness that is only punishing you.

The art of starting happens when you fight that negative emotion that is stopping you from taking action, it happens once you decided to be courageous and take actions despite of how lazy you feel.

Yes, procrastinating will give you a little comfort or breathing room but that thought of taking actions keeps running inside of your head and it is even painful. The pain will only go away once you take actions and stick with it until you are done.

Starting is the key to your freedom, it will give you joy and peace of mind. You should master it so that you will have a good life, but of course you also have to master following through. If you can start fast then you can finish fast, you can feel good right away. So just start even if it feels really bad.

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