January 04, 2017


There are millions of fake stories running around the world that are fooling people, these are stories about "could have been" if only this or that didn't happened. These stories sounds successful but it is still a failure.

I laughed so hard when I hear a story about a player who almost made it to the NBA if only he didn't get injured. The story is amazing, the storyteller will make you believe that it is real, he will tell you how good he is and how strong his potential is. But in the end he will make a lot of excuses why he didn't make it to the NBA. He will tell you how bad his injury was and will try to get your approval that he almost made it. It is so funny because any injury can heal, if someone really wants to make it to the NBA then he will do everything he can. Even if he got injured, he will come back stronger and make a statement that he belong to the league.

It is really true that someone can get injured and it can derail his success. But there are thousands of stories about comebacks, those are real and it really displays success. Those comebacks from adversities, pain, injury, failures. It is a proof that stories or what could have been are nothing but stories of failures because they never do something about their situation. They never do anything to make a comeback, they are contended telling their "almost" stories to other people and getting some sympathies.

If only I didn't get scammed then probably I am rich now. This is another laughable story that makes my stomach ache. How can someone have the audacity to say that he is probably rich if something unfortunate didn't happen? If someone got scammed and he didn't do anything about his situation then it is his fault, not the scammer's. Even if you lost millions, you can make another million if you will work hard again and make your way to the top again. There is no excuse for not being successful. Yes, unfortunate things may happen but those are just part of the process. Tragedy will make you stronger and smarter.

Stop bringing stories from the past, especially the "almost made it" stories because people are still seeing you losing and not winning. Yes, maybe you almost made it but did you really made it? you cannot remove the fact that you are still a loser. The good thing to do is stop telling your funny story and start moving on, start finding opportunities where you can be successful at.

The world needs evidence, the world needs real stories with facts, success and accomplishments and not the stories that has no ending.

It is time to grow up and stop being satisfied with your story that has no success, it is time for you to start another story that will have a very good ending, not a mediocre and funny ending.


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