January 03, 2017


You can worry all day long because of the tragic event that happened to you, you can cry or whine like a bitch because of your problems. But no matter how you feel bad about yourself... you still need to move, and that is if you want to change your emotion and situation. You can alter your position by just simple taking an action, and that is a fact.

You can focus on something else by moving, if you are facing a big problem now and you don't want to think about it, you just move and you will forget it. Do something positive and productive, do something that has a lot of benefits. But if you want to solve your problem, the answer is very simple too... you've got to move, you have to face your problem and take action that you think will solve it.

You have no choice but to move. If you suffered a defeat, you can't just be dealing with it for a very long time. If you want to comeback stronger and win again then you need to move, you need to do something to make you a stronger and smarter person, moving is the only choice you have.

If your business fails, you still need to move. You have to make assessments and find the reason why you fail, you need to move around and gather facts that will make your business rise and become successful. You can't just be thinking about mistakes that you did and regretting it, that kind of behavior won't take you anywhere. Don't deal with the past, move and and find ways how to make a progress.

And even if you are winning in life, you still need to move, you need to maintain your habits and do it over and over again to sustain your success. If you stop then that is the time that you will be removed from the top. Complacency is the start of tragedy. Never relax, stay hungry and keep moving.

Moving is a responsibility, it is much needed in life to live a better and harmonious life. If you will not move then you will be stuck in a depression, you will think about things that you want to do but you can't do it because you are so indecisive.

People who can't find solutions are not unlucky, they are just not moving. They are lazy, hesitant and full of excuses. I think they need their asses to get whooped first before they move.

Moving is not difficult if it becomes your habit. People having a hard time to move doesn't have consistent habits that is why it is very painful for them to take actions. So if you want to move fast then you should build habits of any actions that you want to master. Do it everyday so you won't be thinking about it before doing it. It will become part of your system, it becomes part of your routine. It will become like reading vowels, as easy as that.


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