January 26, 2017


I found out that those people who had a vacation gets stress even more when their vacation is over. They were so excited before their vacation, they plan a lot, visualize what is going to happen, buy things that they thought they are going to use on their trip etc. etc.

But after going home, they were so tired and stress and having a hard time going back to work. Now where is the recreation there? where is the lesson there? Did they become a better person? I don't know, all I know is you have to take a vacation because you don't have a problem and not because you want to escape stress.

Take a vacation because you don't need it and not because you want to escape the reality. Some people will do some recreation because they thought it will help them, they thought their lives and perspective will change once they did it. But no, it is not true, if recreation can change life then why the hell are there still some people who are always doing it but hasn't change their life for a bit?

Some people will do it because they want to escape their problems, they want to escape their debts, loads of work etc. But if you will try to escape your problem and thinking that a vacation or recreation will solve it then you are just making your life even worse. Life is not about escaping, it is about facing. Face your problems, don't run away from it. Recreation can be done at home, you can meditate, exercise and just simply think about positive thoughts that will make you pump up and motivated.

You will take a vacation, use your credit card to purchase the ticket, buy some stuffs that you needed for the vacation and when the vacation is over look what you've got... debts, pending works and a tired body. I am not saying that taking a vacation is bad but you have to be realistic in life, you have to make your situation stable first before acting like you're a king and can do whatever you want.

Recreation can be anything. You can just even read a bible and that is recreation already. Having too much fun that is outside of your momentum will make your life miserable. If you will take a vacation but you still have bills to pay then you'r completely a jerk who is putting your own life in a bad spot.

Escaping the situation is not recreation, you are just fooling yourself. There is no growth in recreation if your life is not in a good position before doing it. You can only recreate or take a vacation if you have a good life already and that is a fact. Because how can you have a very nice vacation if you have bigger problems when you go home? you have to finish your tasks first before doing things that are really not important.

Sometimes people are just using the word recreation as an excuse because they have a lot of dramas in life that they cannot face. They want to feel good right away which is a not a good method if you want to have a better life. You can even have recreation while facing the problems and stress in your life, you will be able to reflect little by little how good you are and tough you are by facing your problems one by one and not shying away from it. You will feel good about yourself once you are making small progress that will lead you to a better position. Recreation is just giving you a little breathing room, it is not solving your problems nor making your situation better. It is just taking your eyes away from the reality. Life is not all about having fun, it is all about facing it. Do your recreation at home before recreating to another place. Solve your problems yourself and be a better person with no debts or pile of pending tasks.

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