January 20, 2017


If you are looking for quick fixes then you better be careful, you might be doing the wrong thing that will lead to permanent damage. You can fix everything but sometimes you need time, you have to be patient and carefully examine what will really work. Be meticulous and don't let some fake news fool you.

If you are trying to fix your body never trust liposuction. Some doctors are not good and will not give you a perfect operation, some people died in that kind of operation. They want a quick fix so they get a permanent damage. Sometimes shortcuts will lead you to nowhere, it will lead you to darkness and you can never go out.

If you are fixing your life you must not aim to get rich right away. Because there is no such thing as overnight success. Some poor people will try to gamble their money because they want it to multiply, this kind of method makes them even poorer because no one ever gets rich through the process of gambling. They lost and lost until they were completely in huge debt. Some people will even try investment funds that promises huge interest for just a few months only to find out that it is only a scam. They were so lazy to work so they invest their money into an unproven company that will never give their money back. The result is double poverty, double suffering. Their laziness and impatience lead them to a terrible position. They want to fix their problem right away without having to undergo a long process so the result is permanent damage.

Some people are dependent of sleeping pills because they are having sleeping problems. They don't know that sometimes it is really difficult to sleep especially if you are thinking about a lot of things, it is normal to not be able to sleep right away, there is nothing wrong with that. And because they want a fast solution, they drink sleeping pills that is never helpful in many ways. If you got addicted to it, it will no longer have an effect in you, sometimes it will lead to psychosis. The best solution to fall into sleep is through reading or making yourself very tired. So it is better to do exercise as much as you can until you become tired and you fall asleep. Not only you make your body better, you also fell asleep without using medicines that has a lot of side effects in the end. It is a natural process and for sure it has no side effects, other than that you will also have a healthy body.

Some students will try to fix their failing grades by cheating in exam. It is good if you are not caught but the bad thing about this is you will not learn anything. When you graduated in college you don't have confidence to apply for a good position because you know in yourself you are not good and you know nothing but to cheat. You fix your grades quickly but the damage is in the end. That shit damages your confidence and self reliance.

So be patient if you wanted to fix something in your life. Everything can be fixed but you need some time, you need to undergo some process, you still need to put an effort.

Money cannot fix everything. It can give you a temporary solution but it will only last for a very short period of time. It is better to travel a long road that will lead you to true happiness rather than taking shortcuts that will only give you a temporary pleasure.

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