January 20, 2017


Don't get mad if someone told you that you don't have the potential to become great or successful, it is nothing but a stupid prediction, there is no proven facts behind it. Don't get jealous either if you were not given too much attention and the other people around you were given appreciation because they have potential. Just focus on your grind, focus on becoming the best version of you. Don't envy people who are getting a lot of praises because they have potential. You are just beginning, you can become a lot better if you will commit to greatness.

There are lot of people who were so hyped in the beginning but didn't even become successful. Hype is just marketing, it is full of nonsense and fakeness. There are no. 1 drafts who are just busts. There are so called prodigies that turns out to be a bum. Potential is nothing, it is nothing but nothing until it produces great results.

But if you are someone who is labelled as someone who has a great potential... don't let your head grow big. You still have to work, you still have to show them that you are for real. Remember that hype is nothing if you can't perform and own the big stage.

So if you have an opponent that is full of hype, don't get overwhelmed because you haven't seen his real skills yet, you haven't feel his power yet so don't believe that he is stronger than you or else you will lose for sure.

A lot of people were predicting who is good and who is bad. They think they know everything about the real thing. You cannot label a person as good or bad until he show you what he is made of. It is not about how big the hype you bring, it is about what you can prove.

So if you have a potential... good.  But still you need to work hard and hone your craft until that potential becomes magical. You need to work everyday and don't believe in the hype that you are hearing about you may it be good or bad. Just work on your thing and you will be able to produce something.

Remember that nothing is permanent. A person can be dumb today but he can become great tomorrow if he put in the time and work to become great. If you are good now, you better not be satisfied because if you become lazy then everything you have will be taken away from you.

Potential is just a myth, it is not happening yet so don't ever believe it. Just believe in hardwork and everything will fall into your hands, continue to keep growing and evolving everyday. You don't need people to tell you that you are good, you just need to move and make a commitment that you will work hard everyday until you become successful. Words are nothing but opinions without facts, if you want to become the real deal then you must turn your potential into something phenomenal. 

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