January 20, 2017


Being beautiful and wanting to become beautiful is widely recognized nowadays. A lot of people wants to become beautiful because they think it has a lot of advantage. Yes it is true that it has an advantage but it won't last for a very long time.

A lot of gold diggers will try their very best to become very sexy and beautiful. They will undergo a lot of operation just to change their appearance. They want to become very beautiful because their goal is to find a rich man that will marry them so they don't have to work anymore. That has been their game plan for a very long time and they really believe that they will succeed. Only few gold diggers succeed, do you think that a rich man will take a bitch seriously? of course a rich man will also look for a rich woman with class and well educated. Why would a rich man invest in someone that will only make him poor?

If you are investing with your appearance because you are looking for a job that requires beautiful woman, well at least you are looking for a job and you are not thinking about living well without doing anything. But the downside of this investment is you will only have a job while you are still beautiful and young. When times comes that you look old and not beautiful anymore, the company will dump you like a garbage. What a sad ending.

There is nothing wrong in trying to look gorgeous or handsome but the point here is if you will purely rely on your looks then you will not become successful. Look at those pit babes in a car race, they were treated like a bitch by many. Look at those sexy dancers in the nba, their job is not so stable, they can only keep their job while they are still young and beautiful.

The best investment is to develop a skill that will last forever. Because even if you grow old, you will still earn money because people will still be needing your skill. The more you grow old, the sharper your skills will become. Unlike the appearance, the more you grow old, the more you become ugly. Even a very expensive operation won't save you.

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