January 15, 2017


Let's say you're getting richer now and you have purchase a lot of things in your life.

Of course there will be some of your properties that you can't use because you don't want it to get old or you simply want to conserve its look. But what if you wanted to use it? things are meant to be used even if it is very expensive. What is the use of a thing if you will not use it? you are only depriving yourself, you are stopping yourself for being happy. Things were invented so that you will become happier and comfortable.

For example, you have an expensive batman toy, you are only displaying it even though you want to play it. You can't play with it because you don't want it to look old, you want to retain its brand new and fresh look that is why you can't touch it. You like to keep it in a box. A lot of people does this, they don't to play with their toys because they want to conserve it. But toys are meant to be played, if your toy have a life it will say to you "play me, get me out of the box please, play me".

What you need to do is buy an identical toy that you can play so you will never be afraid to use it and play with it as much as you can. It is like producing a copy that is good for overuse. The only hitch about this is you will spend twice.

Same as your favorite shoe, if you don't want to use it then buy a copy of it. You will spend twice but your happiness is also twice. You can buy an imitation to save money but it depends on you if you will be able to enjoy it.

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