January 28, 2017


It means go, you are always ready to go, ready to move and take actions for the improvement of your life You don't care if you feel bad or uncomfortable, you will feel better later once you see yourself taking actions. Unlike lazy people who love the color red... they always stop, they love to simply chill, take instant gratification and then later will worry what do they need to do because they put themselves in a very bad spot by being inactive and lazy.

Fall in love with the color green, it means you allow yourself to do what you need to do. You don't hold back, you don't worry, you don't think about what could go wrong. All you know is you have to keep going and make actions. Green is a lovely color, it is always moving, improving and making tiny progress that will become big in the end.

The red color is always stopping, always rushing in the end. It is a very bad color because it means there is something wrong, it means something is stopping you and you can't even take a tiny step.

If you are always on the go, you will never worry again, you will keep on evolving and growing. You will know a lot, experience a lot and become the best version of yourself. Progress is unlimited. You can make mistakes but its purpose is to teach you a lesson and make you more knowledgeable.

Green is the color of success, red is the color of failure. You can have a lot of fun if you are always moving, yes you will get tired at some point but your body will be very used to moving so you will regain your energy very fast. You will become tireless and a workhorse, sky is the limit for you.

What are the unhealthy benefits of not moving:

1. Your mind will become rusty. You will have an Alzheimer's disease. You will not be able to think the right way, your motor skills will go down. You will not be able to recite a simple alphabet song. You will be lost and depressed, do you want it?

2. You will be a hot headed person. And because you are not seeing progress in your life, you will get jealous of other people's success. You will become a hater because you can't even entertain yourself. You will focus on other people's lives and that is a bad thing. You will lose your touch with the reality.

3. Your skill will turn into a funny thing. You will not be able to use your skills on a highest level anymore. People will laugh at you because your skill looks like intermediate and useless. The difficult things that you can do before... you can't do it anymore because you let it die by being lazy and irresponsible.

4. You will become slow. You will become fat, your reflexes will not work anymore on its normal level. You will lose your speed. You don't have any muscle memory or willpower.

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