January 28, 2017


Are you stunned, are you worried and can't even execute any action? are you overwhelmed by the bad experienced that visits you right now? You can allow yourself not to move but you have to keep your mind moving, don't let your mind get stuck, be aware if your mind is not operating the way it needs to operate.

Stay calm and focus on what you really want to happen, forget about your emotions because that is the only thing that is making your mind stuck. How you feel is how you will be able to make decisions, sometimes you can't even make a decision at all. Just let your mind breathe and this can only be done by realizing that everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about. Forget about what is happening around just relax for a moment and then start making a move.

Your mind is your key to make the right decisions so you need to keep it fresh, relaxed and functioning the right way. And the only way to do it is by simply being yourself and forgetting about what people say or think. Don't care about them, they can't rush you if you will not allow them. You can have your own timing for everything. You can make the fast slow and the slow fast. It is up to you. Your mind is very powerful, it can be your strongest weapon or weakest asset. So you need to use it the right way and never use it against you.

You can be mentally tough by just being relaxed and calm. You don't need to force things, don't ever escape any situation that you are in, you can move away from it slowly but don't shy away from any situation where you needed to take actions.

You can only think clearly and make very good decisions by being calm and stopping yourself from panicking. That is why professional and successful coaches never panic during pressure times. Professional and great athletes never try to escape from a very tough situation, they just embrace it and keep going. They know what to do and how to behave, they keep their mind calm and collective.

How to keep your mind always moving:

1. Know what you really want and entertain thoughts that will make you feel motivated to take actions again. If winning is what you want then what do you think you should do? are you going to win by entertaining negative thoughts? It is very basic, put your mind in the right position and you will begin to attract a better situation.

2. Remind yourself that there is nothing to worry about. Your main purpose is to simply enjoy life and become the best that you can be. Nothing else matters, their opinion doesn't matter, what they think doesn't matter. What matters is how you feel and how are you going to get that positive emotion. You can think clearly and have a moving mind if you will not take things seriously.

3. Detach from expectations. Simply do the very basic think that you can do that will make you happier and progressive. Don't expect too much from yourself, just do your best, just think positively and that's it.... your mind will not worry anymore and it will not be stuck. You deserve to feel good and be happy, stop depriving yourself from experiencing those feelings.

5. Reframe the situation. If you think  that your situation is really bad, try to give it another meaning. Think of it as a challenge and all it will do is make you better. Don't think of it as something that will make your life harder, think of it as something that will make you stronger.

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