January 23, 2017


You want something? go and get it, no more questions, no more hesitations, just do it without thinking and worrying. Even if it is hard, do it still. If somebody already did it then it is doable and you can do it too. And even if nobody has done it yet doesn't mean it is impossible. If you can think about it then you can touch it.

Yes it is hard but it is still possible, and sometimes you only think that it is hard that is why it becomes even harder. It is only in your mind, you can make it easier if you will not think about the process that you have to undergo to get it.

If it takes a thousand steps to get it then do it. Take it one step at a time, be patient and don't look for the steps or time remaining to get there.

Yes it is hard but what can you do? can you get it by being soft and always complaining? can you get it by just looking at it and wishing that it is easy? Easy things are free things that will not even matter. If you want to achieve greatness, if you want to see the larger things in life then you should be willing to go hard and experience hard. It is just a matte of perspective. How you feel about something is how fast you can get it.

Don't be like others who always look for an easy way, those people will never be able to do something big. They want easy so they will get something that is ugly. If you are planning to do something great the you should be willing to swim in honey. It is messy, sticky and stressful but once you become successful... you will feel really great.

Doing hard things has only two hard parts, the beginning and the middle. Once you surpass those two stages then it will be very difficult to give up. You will have the courage to face any obstacle and you will power through until you reach the final stage.

And if you really want to have it, you will do anything even if it is painful, stressful and harmful. Emotions will not matter anymore because you don't give too much importance to it. You only focus on what you want and that kind of mindset will erase any negative emotion that you are feeling at any given moment.

Nothing is easy or hard if you really want it, the level of difficulty will not even matter at all. It's like you decided to throw yourself on the lake of fire and you will do everything to win. There is no turning back or quitting, you will go all out and push until the end.

The key here is to always look at your goal and find the smallest step that you can do to become closer to it. Forget about how many months or years to accomplish it, what matters is you are making a small progress everyday and you are happy about it. Don't feel sorry or have self pity when things are not going well. Just remember that you can find a way if you want it bad enough.

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