January 07, 2017


It's ok to look bad, there is nothing wrong with it. For as long as your intention is good and your activities were all good, never mind looking bad.

People will tell you that you are selfish because you didn't lend them money or do them a favor. It's ok to look bad, you are investing in your future, you are doing the right thing for your life. Never mind what people say because you know what is best for you. What you feel is what matters, they were too emotional and dependent that is why they are not winning in life.

If you look bad to your friends because you were not going with them to party anymore, they will tell you that you've changed and you're not friendly anymore... it is ok. You need time for yourself, you are pursuing your goals and doing the best you can in life. You will look bad because they will think that you don't want to be with them because you're just experiencing a little success. They will even say some nasty things at you which is not true. Well, never mind that, you are on you're way to the top. It is normal to experience things like that especially when your life is transitioning from low to high. You will experience a lot of stress, trash talking from a lot of people, some are the closest ones to you which is really sad.

You will also look bad if you are so true to yourself, you will tell them your honest opinions which sometimes will hurt them. They will say that you are mean, arrogant and wannabe. It is ok to look bad, telling the truth is hurtful and if you are really telling the truth then there is no need to apologize for someone who got hurt with your words. Truth hurts, if they got hurt, it means they received a small dosage of truth.

Looking bad is not bad, people will say that you've changed but the truth is they can't accept that you are standing for what you believe in. They can't accept that you are doing well in life. They want you to remain the same which is not healthy for your growth. People will try to hold you and control you because they always wanted you to follow them and agree with them.

If you're intention is good, if you're goal is good and you are not hurting or affecting anyone's business then there is nothing to worry about.

If they were too sensitive with your actions and they have problems with the way you are acting then that is their problem. Never change, keep doing what you are doing, it is ok to look bad.


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