January 31, 2017


Are you lazy right now? do you feel like just bumming around or lying on your couch the whole day? do you feel like you are carrying the whole world on your back and you cannot even execute the first step? It only means your sense of urgency is very low, it only means you can afford to become comfortable because you can still survive tomorrow without doing anything. Maybe you can always ask for a help from somebody, it can be your mother or father or siblings that is why you can afford to be lazy and do nothing about your shitty situation. Maybe you're insured and you have a lot of support handed to you that is why you have a very bad habit of being lazy and doing nothing.

But sometimes some people doesn't have any support at all but still afford to become lazy. I don't know why but some of those people were born lazy and doesn't want to do anything with their lives. They feel like someday their lives will change, they feel like some kind of an opportunity or a hero will just knock on their door and change their bum lives right away. They were so relaxed, they were not threatened. Even if they don't have any food on their plate... they still feel safe and secured.

The number one reason why people can't get what they want is because they were so addicted to comfort. They feel like they have a lot of time and they can rest forever, they feel like they can change their lives anytime they want to. They don't have any sense of urgency to act and do the necessary actions for the improvement of their lives.

You must capitalize right away and see everything as an opportunity. You must not wait to feel good before you act because you will only feel good if you take actions, it feels bad when you are just starting but when a couple of hours have already passed... you will eventually enjoy what you are doing. Stay with the bad feeling until it feels good. Be ok being uncomfortable because it is just a feeling, it has nothing to do with success. Don't give too much importance to your emotions because sometimes it is tricking you. Sometimes you feel like you're the worst but the truth is you're not, sometimes you feel like you can't do it but the truth is you're almost there and a little more push and a little more patience can get the job done.

You must command your mind to do it and tell it that something bad will happen to you if you remain still and lazy. The right time is now, this is the perfect timing. Not tomorrow, not later, now is the time to make a move and make a little progress. Nobody will wait for you, nobody will save your ass. The decision is yours, it is up to you if you will do something about your ugly situation.

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