January 14, 2017


They say you have to enjoy what you are doing in order to become successful, and it is true you really have to love what you are doing so time will become faster and you will become successful without experiencing pain too much. Because if you are enjoying what you're doing, maybe you're still feeling some pain but you didn't notice it because you are so hooked to what you're doing.

But some people looks like they're enjoying a lot and they are having so much fun yet why are they not successful? the answer is simple, what they are doing is not connected to success.

Yeah, you can have fun everyday by drinking beers and hanging out with your friends, that activity was fun, there is nothing more fun than that. But the only problem is that kind of activity is not connecting you to success. You can do that all year, you can have so much fun but you still can't become successful because you are only setting up yourself for failure. There is no relation between your activity and success, as simple as that.

So if you want to become successful then find an activity that can have so much fun with also a connection to success. It is an activity that is productive and will make you a better person. Activities like arts, business, sports and any other thing that will make you grow. Find an activity that will make you happy and you think you can do everyday and then let the rest be a history.

Some people think they are having fun but that fun will never last. Activities like drinking beers everyday, partying, always on a vacation. Yeah it is fun but it will never last for so long, and the worse is you will never become successful.

And one more thing, you can have fun in everything you do, most people don't know it because they were blinded by what they see from the crowd. They thought that having fun is all about being cool, following the trend and having so much attention from other people. You can have fun washing the dishes, it is all about feeling it, appreciating it and having the satisfaction from finishing a simple task.

You can only become successful through growth, so if what you are doing is fun but without growth then you will forever become a bum, do you like that? Just because it's fun doesn't mean it is really fun, you will see the reality in the end so you better think now what activities you will choose to engage in.

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