January 18, 2017


If life has dealt you four aces and one king then you have to use it very well. It means your card is strong, it means the universe is in favor of you right now so you must not squander your opportunity to win big time, to succeed big time.

If you have a good parents who were able to send you to a good school and they can provide you everything you need... make the best out of it. Grab that opportunity to win in life even more, become the best as you can be. Not all children were given a good life, some have bastard parents and they cannot go to school. They don't even have food to eat on their table so you are very lucky that you have everything you need.

Don't be like others who were so unappreciative of what they have and living like a bum. Yes they were rich but they are not doing well in life, they are failing in school, using drugs and taking their time for granted that is why they end up doing nothing significant in life, they live their life being spoiled brats and they can't stand on their own feet.

If you were given a good cards then you should play it very well and never squander it for no reason. Not all people were given a good cards so you should be appreciative of what you have and try to grow more as an individual. You should make a move now and do what is best for you while the fortune is still on your side because a good life is not guaranteed forever. You may have a great life now but if you will become complacent and lazy then you can fall down at the bottom.

If you have the tools then use it. If you have a good height then use it to your advantage, if you have the good looks then use it to make your life better, if you have the brains then think right to put yourself on a better position. If you have the athleticism then use it to have a scholarship so you can help your parents. A lot of people were so blessed but they don't know how to use it. Of course it doesn't mean you will become successful fast if you were given a gift. You still have to hone your skills and make an effort to succeed in life. You still need to work and sweat, it is not an easy road but the good thing is you already have an advantage.

If you were given a good cards then there is no excuse for you not to become successful. You have to secure your success because just like I said you already have an advantage. Don't just sit there and wait for success to come, go for it, reach it, grab it, own it, be it. Don't waste an opportunity of a lifetime.

Because your cards can fall from your hands if you will not take care of it, others can steal it and use it for their own good. So you have to use it now and do your very best to succeed in life. Time is running out, no one is waiting for you. Make a move and make it happen.

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