January 27, 2017


The answer is simply doing it everyday. Pick a habit that you want to develop and simply do it everyday. I am telling you will become a professional at it if you don't stop doing it. Make a pledge, promise yourself that you will do it everyday no matter what, I'm telling you, your life will change and you will see the different side of you that you thought was not possible.

You just need to do it even if it sucks starting, just move and don't worry about finishing just focus on making motion.

You only need a minimum of one month and then a habit will be ingrained into your system and it will be very difficult to get rid of it. You will do it automatically even if a lot of things are disturbing you. You will prioritize your habit because it feels like you're dying if you can't do it.  That is why champions and successful people are so focused... they already built a strong habit that they've been doing for years. They can't stop anymore, they were completely obsessed with it.

If you want to form a habit then look for a bad habit that you want to remove in your life and then replace it with a new habit that you want to build. For example if you are so addicted to social media and you want to stop it then try looking for a new habit, a good replacement will be reading books or just simply jogging. Yeah, it looks boring enough but if you will push yourself to do it then good results will happen to your life. 

Forming a habit is only difficult in the beginning, your success depends on the level of your commitment. The more committed you are, the more you will endure the pain of sticking with it and starting it. Yeah, it is really painful because you are forcing yourself to do the thing that you want to have in your life but is difficult to sustain. Your enemy is yourself, you are competing against yourself. 

Outside influences, circumstances and happenings has nothing to do with your process in forming a habit. You can get sick, random events may happen but if you want to stay consistent and keep your habit alive then you will do everything to do it again. Your feelings doesn't matter, emotions has nothing to do with it. You just do it no matter how hard, no matter how heavy your body feels like. Even if you feel like a robot uncharged, you will still force yourself to move. 

Forming a habit is also like disciplining yourself, you don't have any choice but to do it. It feels like a high voltage of electricity is punishing you once you find yourself rocking in your rocking chair and doing nothing. 

Always look at the bigger picture. Forget about how you feel at the moment, deprive yourself of being satisfied or happy. That feeling is just temporary, once you do it again for today then you will be very happy that you survived your habit. 

Stop talking and execute. You talk a lot, you think a lot that is why you can't survive any habit even the simplest one. Just go and do it without hesitating, slap yourself if you can't move, you need to get angry, you need to get mad for being such a lazy bum ass. Time is always running, you need to build the habit now and sustain it even if it feels really bad so it will remain in your system forever. 

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