January 03, 2017


Not all the time you should be happy, not all the time you should be smiling and telling the world how happy your life is. I am not a kill joy type of person but this idea is based on my observation. You need balance, you need to do a little sacrifice so your life will be in order and so you know what is going on. You can't just be doing all the stupid things that will make you happy because in the end you will see that those things are not the answer for your happiness. Reality will hit you and you will begin to understand that happiness is very simple, you don't need to complicate it.

For me the true happiness is natural happiness, you just feel it. You don't forced it nor control it. It just comes into your system without knowing where it comes. Happiness is everywhere, you just need to be ready when to accept it. You just need to be appreciative of the people and things around you, you just need to think more positively so happiness will always be inside of you.

A lot of people were trying so hard to become happy. They rely on external things or events. They always thought "this should happen", "I should have this", "That thing should stay away in my life". In other words, their happiness doesn't come from them, it comes from other people, things or events. Happiness is a choice and it should be coming from you and nowhere else.

Sometimes you should postpone happiness to achieve true happiness. A good example is food, you want to eat delicious food because it will make you happy but at the same time you also wanted to make your body better. So which one do you think will give you more happiness? of course a beautiful body will make you happier, it will last for a long time. Unlike the food that will only give you a few seconds of happiness, having a nice and healthy body will make you happy everyday especially if you are looking great while looking yourself at the mirror. You will feel confident and proud of yourself.

Another example is seeing a promo vacation online, you are so excited because the place being offered is really nice and you haven't go there yet. But the only problem is your money is not enough. A lot of people will borrow money from others just to purchase the promo, they wanted to be happy right away. But the only question is... once you are there having a vacation, do you think you will have a peace of mind because your money is not enough? do you think you will enjoy your vacation if you are always worrying how to budget your money?

But what if you forget about that promo and save money as much as you can that will be more than enough for any vacation? what if you postpone your happiness for a few months until you have that money that for sure will give you a feeling of security while having a vacation? I am pretty sure you will love the latest idea because you don't have to worry about money anymore, you don't have to borrow money from someone else. It is all about postponing the happiness for a little time so you can become more happier in the end.

In life, not all the time you should follow happiness and get it when it is presented, you have to look at the bigger picture and think smarter. You should know what will give you long lasting happiness rather than temporary happiness.

People are having a hard time in their lives because they are not responsible, they want instant gratification, they wanted to be happy right away which will only make matters worse. They are not thinking about the consequences of their actions. They are like alligators that will bite the food right away even if the food is poisonous.


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