January 02, 2017


If you have a goal and you are serious about it then you will become a very strong person. If you are doing something about it and taking baby steps to make you very closer to it then you will control your life. You will be able to create your own world, you can create and write your own story because your time and focus will revolve on it.

You will not care if some people are bothering you or disrespecting you, you just care about your goals and you know that giving them attention will only derail you from being successful. It is not that you are scared and you can't protect yourself, you just don't care because petty things are irrelevant to your goals. You are smart enough to place your energy for some important things. You know where to use your anger, you know when to become emotional. You are mentally tough because no matter how bad they bother you... you are still focused on making your goals.

Everything is falling into your hands if you are pursuing your goal. You create your own schedule, you create your own circle. You can command people around you even if you are not saying any word. They will feel your power because everything that you are doing is related to your goal. You don't follow them because if it is not related to your goal, you are not interested. They have no choice but to accept your vision if they want to be with you.

You wake up in bed because of your goals, you stand up when you fall because of your goals. Your mind is programmed to achieve it. You give yourself no choice but to succeed. Because for you not being successful is like death. Your goals is giving you direction and strength, you're like not others who just wake up everyday and do the same thing over and over again. You become a different person, you have your own path and it is the only path you want to travel.

You will feel unstoppable, you will not stop taking actions until you become successful. You don't care about failing anymore, it is not even in your head. Your goals is giving you the energy whenever you feel weak. You keep the momentum alive, you never feel old, you never feel weary. All you know is you need to keep moving until you become successful.


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