January 21, 2017


If you are experiencing some problems about your confidence, if you want to something but you think you can't get it because you think you are not deserving then there is only one thing you should do... work very hard.

You can only become very confident if you put in a lot of work and grind everyday. There is no other way around. You can become cocky but your colors will be revealed in the end once you see yourself not capable of doing something. People will see that you are not really confident, you are just pretending so that they will believe in you.

There are lot of cocky, arrogant people who thinks that the can do this or do that but once they felt that the task is really difficult... their confidence will go down, they will quit and will make a lot of excuses. The reason why their confidence go down is because they don't have track records from the past that they work hard. Their minds cannot see a pattern of achieving something from the past and bringing back that memory to the present. They cannot find any references that they are really confident and has the skills to do something.

If you want to have a lot of faith then you have to work really really hard. You have to know the meaning of hardwork. You can fake them that you work in the past but you know in yourself if you are for real or not. So don't fool yourself and fool other people, you are just making life difficult. If you really don't have the confidence then work for it, don't fake it nor fabricate it.

Champions before don't have any confidence in themselves too. They were so scared, they were lacking the killer instinct. But they change themselves by working really hard and committing to self improvement everyday. They work tirelessly and they never stop until they achieved that confidence that they are wearing now. And the funnier thing is they never get satisfied, they want to become better and better everyday that is why their confidence is soaring high, they never stop growing.

Some people who have confidence before already lost their confidence because they are not working hard anymore. That is why there are some fallen champs, they lost their confidence because they are overconfident that they can win anytime they want. They begin to develop bad habits, their heads becomes bigger, they literally think they were invincible. That is why they fail, they thought that confidence is permanent. Confidence will only stay in you if you never stop working and that is the reality, you have to work forever for it.

The formula is very simple, have a goal, work very hard for it and then your confidence will soar high. Of course you cannot see the results right away. Confidence will gradually improve as you work harder and harder each day. You have to keep improving, you have to keep working.

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