January 11, 2017


Don't be afraid to fail because all it does is give you freedom. Especially if you failed a lot of times already. You won't be scared anymore, you know how it feels to fail so you won't be scared with that feeling. You will know how to react and make adjustments so next time you will do better.

Failing is normal, there is no successful person in this world who doesn't fail. Failing will become your way to success so be happy if you keep on failing now. It only means you are very near of becoming successful.

Failing will mold your emotional immune system, it will make you very tough. It will give you endurance if you keep on thinking positively and stop whining like a bitch in the corner of your room.

Failing is the most important ingredient to success yet people don't know it that is why they never become successful. They want to win right away, they want to have a smooth sailing to the top. They don't want any complications or adversities that is why they can't even take the first step to success.

Keep on trying and failing... this is the best formula to success. The more you fail, the more you learn. You will get hurt, you will somehow lose your confidence but it will comeback. You will become more and more experienced if you keep on failing. And sometimes you are even immune to the feeling of failing because you were no longer afraid of it.

The more you become familiar with failure, the more you will have freedom to take actions and forget what might happen. People are so scared to take actions because they always look for the outcome. They are expecting too much and when they fail... they become miserable.

You need to understand that failing is part of life and its main role in life is to make you hungrier, smarter and mentally tough. Failing is not there to break you, it is there to make you. Failing will build your character so you can face tougher challenges in other areas of your life.


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