January 15, 2017


Your job is always to become better each day, it is not your job to look around and see who is succeeding or dominating. You should focus on yourself and nothing else, that is the fastest way to become successful. Place your energy on your journey, don't worry about anything else other than improving your life and doing your assignment.

Don't feel good if you saw someone weaker than you because strong people always look for abundance and not weakness. Mocking someone who is not that strong is an attitude of a loser. If you are really strong then you should help others to become strong too because that is what a true strong person does... inspire others.

And also, don't think about who's stronger than you. You will only feel weak about yourself if you do it. You will only get overwhelmed and sometimes you will think about quitting especially if you see your level not that high. You will think about the huge amount of work you need to do to reach that certain level that you are comparing with yourself.

Have the mindset that you are getting stronger everyday because you are putting in the work. You don't need to look outside of yourself because everything you need is already in your hands. You just need to keep your focus sharp and do the best you can do to become successful.

Success is not about comparing, it is about isolating. Isolate yourself from outside influences so you can have more time improving everyday.

And even if it is true that someone is weaker or stronger than you, what difference would it make? does knowing the level of success of other people going to change your gameplan? are you going to work harder once you know the truth? those things are irrelevant. The truth here is you still need to work regardless of what other people are achieving.

You will become more happier if you stop comparing yourself to others, you will appreciate yourself even more and you will know yourself even more. That is the truth of life, focus on your own life and keep striving to get better everyday.

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