January 15, 2017


When you don't feel anything about anyone then you are free, you don't need to seek for revenge anymore, you don't need to compete and prove them that you are the better person.

Seeking for revenge will only make you weak because you will think about that person whom you want to make a revenge. He will own you, he will eat your time even if he is not doing anything. He will make you feel bad even if he is not around because you are always thinking about the past, the disrespectful behavior that he did to you. 

You will be the loser, you keep on plotting a revenge but the more you wait for that time, the more you feel bad and stressed. And the result is... sickness, sickness in body and mind. You feel like your chest is always heavy, you feel like you have a big weight carrying on your shoulder. You are getting burned little by little. You are not growing as a person, you are deteriorating. 

And even if you are successful implementing your revenge do you think you will become forever happy? of course no. You will still think about that person, you will somehow feel guilty, he will still run in your mind everyday. And of course you will become scared too, what if he comes back to you? what if he does more damage? You will become paranoid, you will have no peace of mind. 

Just learn how to cut the emotions, if you can't forgive then just don't feel something towards that person. Treat him like dead, treat him like he longer no exist. Treat him like he can't make you feel bad, even just for a second. 

A person can control you if you feel angry towards him, he doesn't even need to do something to make you feel angry. You will feel bad automatically because anger is already a habit of yours. You will guard his life, you will be updated on his activities and your energy will only be wasted for nothing, you are not doing any productive in your life, all you have is burden which is bad for your health. 

Cut the emotions by looking at that person as powerless and meaningless to your life. Everything that you heard about him, learn to block it right away and don't feel anything about it. Even if that person gets successful... don't get jealous. Don't wish for his failure too, don't get interested in his life. Look at hims as just ordinary person who has no impact to your life at all.

If you can cut your emotions towards that person, even if he becomes happy in his life... you will not get jealous. Even if he is suffering, you will not become happy either. The key here is to not tie any emotions with him whether he is doing good or bad, just simply don't think about him. Be disgusted at yourself if you find yourself thinking about him. 

When it is all said and done, having revenge is not the answer, it will not make you happier. It is not feeling anything about him that will give you peace and joy.

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