January 22, 2017


If you are constantly saying "I will" then you will never do it, that phrase is bullshit and was widely used by people who are just trying to make an impression that they will really do it. A doer will never say "I will". What they constantly say is "I am already doing it".

How many times did you say "I will" and how many times did you break it? I bet a million times right? You say you will cut weight and follow your new year's resolution but what did happen? You say you will change your life and pursue your ambition but what did happen? You say you will stop smoking but what happen? you say you will try to become a better person but what happen?

Don't say you will, just do it, stop broadcasting to everyone what you are going to do because people don't need promises, the world don't need hype, they need results and evidences.

If you say you will but you will do it later then chances are you will not do it anymore. It's a 100 percent guarantee that you will postpone what you promise to do. The worst is you will just forget it and do something else.

So do it now, stop talking, stop promising... just do it. All you need to do is move and sustain your movement, what is difficult about it?

Doers never talk, they just produce results, they never give hope rather they give assurance.

So which side do you belong? is it the talker's side or the doer's side? if you will just make excuses then you're already on the talker's side. You need to pull the trigger if you're on the doer's side. You need to smell blood and have a sense of urgency. It is like forcing yourself to do it even if you don't want to do it. Slap your face if you can't move, call yourself a bitch if you can't take actions. Make yourself angry, learn to summon a motivation that will keep you moving.

Having a habit of always saying "I am already doing it" will make you transform from talker to doer. You will just start fast, make momentum and finish strong. You will hate people who always say "I will do it" because you no longer belong to their group. You're a different animal now, you already have a killer instinct, you hate talking and you love doing.

What is the point of saying "I will" if you will just think about something else after saying it, if you will just postpone doing it and do something else that is easier. Your are just making yourself low, you are turning into a fraud who can't keep his promise.

So never say "I will", just make a bold decision on your mind of doing it once you have a chance. If you really want to change then start as fast as you can. Don't hesitate, just look for the first step and execute it right away.

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