January 18, 2017


Your latest performance is not your last performance. So if your latest performance sucks and you feel like you can't show up to the public anymore because you're so humiliated... stop that thought right away, trash that thought and focus on your next performance. Your next performance is all that matters, not yesterday, not last week... it is now that matters.

The catch here is nobody else would remember your last performance if you suck, nobody will talk about it. If you think that they are talking about you then it is just in your head, it is not real. So forget everything and start a new day, head up and work harder than yesterday. Yesterday is not evident anymore, it is completely irrelevant so you better bring your confidence back and try to kick their ass for one more time. Do everything to bring your A game, it is never too late, you can make a great comeback.

And even if your latest performance is good... forget about it too. Don't think too much about it and feel comfortable, don't allow your head to grow big because that will be the main reason of your failure. Try to be humble as you can and try to break your own record.

Your latest performance will not be the basis of your greatness, you can perform better than that if you want to. So if you were not able to put on a best show then it is time for you to give your best now. You can always erase the past by giving your very best today and showing them your true skills and greatness. Erase the part in your brain that is giving space to the past, especially the bad past, it will only destroy your confidence. Today is a new day, you can always do better and reclaim your throne.

Having the ability to forget the past easily is a great skill so you should master it. Always try to live in the present so you will be able to embrace the better opportunities that are waiting for you.

And so what if you fail? so what if people laughed at you? You know there is a lot more left in you and you can show them next time who you really are and what are your capabilities. Your latest performance doesn't define you, erase it in your mind and focus on the better things ahead of you.

There is always a next try, there is always a chance for redemption. Chances never ran out so cheer up and expect great things to happen to you.

The best way to forget your latest performance is to prepare very hard and sharpen your skills to the point where you feel you cannot make mistakes anymore. Work harder than yesterday so you will feel more confident. Don't be so hard on yourself after failing because failing doesn't mean you're a failure. You always have the chance to succeed, there are millions of chances to clean your name and show them what you really got.

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