January 19, 2017


If you want to become successful then you will miss a lot. You will miss a lot of things especially the things that you like, you will miss a lot of activities, sometimes the most important ones.

You will miss your best friend's birthday because you need to keep working. Don't worry because your best friend will understand it. If he is really your friend then he will support you no matter what you do. A real friend is not demanding nor making you feel that you are worthless, a real friend will be all out support with you.

You will miss a lot of TV shows if you are pursuing great things, even your favorite tv show... you will miss it because you need a lot of time for your goals and ambitions. You have to sacrifice a tv show that in truth is really useless and is only making you slow. You will be more committed in making your dreams come true and taking actions that will take you one step closer to victory.

You will miss your hobbies like playing video games, playing sports or music and any other things that serves as your past time. You will make your goal your number one priority and nothing else. And that is ok, you know that you can have a lot of time for those things once you become successful. You don't mind missing the fun because for you... winning and becoming successful is a lot more fun.

You will even miss your lunch, breakfast or any meal. Your schedule will become very random and you don't mind skipping meals because you were so focused and determined to reach your goals. And you won't get sick because your willpower is healing your body. It may sound odd but it is true, look at those people who have big goals in life... even if they were old they never die because they keep going. Their body and mind is one, they become stronger and stronger everyday because they were so motivated. And motivation alone will make you very strong.

You will even miss the time you spend with your loved ones. You will have more time for yourself, you are alone most of the time because you are very serious of succeeding. But that's just the part of it, you need to focus. Those sacrifices are not forever, time will come and you will be able to do the things that you love again.

In life, you will really miss a lot of things that you are doing before if you wanted to succeed. The more sacrifices you made, the bigger the rewards. You cannot expect huge success if you are always doing the things that you use to do before. You will become uncomfortable, you will become lonely and alone but those feelings will not remain forever. Once you become successful then you can come back to your old life and become even happier than before. So don't be afraid of missing a lot because the exchange of it is you will get a lot.

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