January 14, 2017


You need to do what really works for you and not what is working for others. You can try all the hardest training, you can work the hardest but if it is only making you burned out and not stronger then that kind of style is not for you. Maybe you should try another style that will fit well for you.

You can copy a champion's method, you can even work harder than him but if you will only do it for a couple of days because it is too hard and you are beginning to lose your motivation then that type of method is not for you. You should try something else that will make you stick with the process forever.

Everyone has a designated training, technique, style that is only designed for him.What works for you may not work for others and what works for others may not work for you. It is your moral obligation to find out what is best for you and will give you results.

Just because a successful person is doing something that is effective for him doesn't mean you have to copy it, it may not work for you. But I am also not taking away the idea that it may work for you as well. You have to keep trying until you find the right thing.

The key here is if you find something that you think you can do forever in your life without thinking if it is effective or not then that is the right path. You will do it regardless of what people say, you will do it because you hear tells you to do it.

Because if you will do something that everyone is saying that is effective, you may burn out in the end and quit the process if you don't love it. You should find something that will make you continue forever, regardless of your situation, the weather or what people say about you.

It is not about choosing the easier path, it is only choosing the path that will make your life easy and committed.

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