January 24, 2017


Not all instincts were right. A positive instinct is a right instinct but a negative instinct is not a real instinct, it is just a negative thought, it is a fear that is stopping you from taking actions. It is just a challenge that you must overcome. It is part of your life so don't treat it as a big deal. It is nothing if you will not give it any attention.

So even if you feel that something is wrong... still continue. You will never know if you are right unless you push your chances. It is normal to feel bad, it is normal to feel a little bit weird. fear will always bother you and that is just part of life. 

And sometimes, you are just scaring yourself, you are just making your life difficult because you entertain an ugly and negative thought from the start. You should know why are you thinking that way and replace your thought with a more positive and happier one. 

There is nothing wrong unless you see it. If you were still able to continue then continue. Don't stop until you win. 

Fear is a big liar, it will direct you to an uglier direction and you must be aware of it if you want to have a better life. Fear can only become real if you focus on it for an hour or so. Learn to neutralize it early before it even grow bigger. 

You will only feel good if you continue, you will feel better if you don't allow your fear to control your behavior and thoughts. 

What to do if it feels like there is something wrong:

1. Just stay calm and watch your thoughts come and go.
2. Always think about what is the worse thing that could happen, you will find out that it is nothing, it won't kill you, it won't make you poor. So go ahead and continue what you are doing. 
3. Appreciate everything about you. You will start to feel better once you are appreciative. Love will overpower any negative energy. Just appreciate the air, the sound, your movement and your participation for the moment. Appreciate that you are still alive and you can experience some better things. Realize that fear is nothing and it cannot do anything to you unless you allow it.  
4. Focus on some other things. Look far, look at the clouds, look outside of the window. The idea here is to forget about how you feel and welcome other emotions to your body. 
5. Breathe deeply. There is a negative air inside of your lungs so you must exhale it. Breathe in and breathe out until your body was relaxed and you were able to think the right way again. 

Sometimes feeling bad is just a signal that you must relax and run according to your own pace. It is a signal that you must appreciate life and don't rush for petty things. It is telling you to appreciate life even more and don't worry about anything else.

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