January 30, 2017


Your mind will always stand in your way, it will destruct you, it will entertain a lot of negative thoughts which are not healthy to your journey. Always be in control of your mind, you should command it, don't let it command you. Because if your mind is in control then you will not be able to focus, you will always tripped down and have a difficulty in finishing a task or executing a simple action. Because your mind has a lot of references and a lot of thoughts will easily play in your head because you already experienced those thoughts before.

If your mind is telling you that you must rest because you're tired, command it to shut up and keep moving. Your mind is simply tricking you, it is offering you a comfort that will only make your life even difficult. Always know what you want to get and what you want to happen, you can only get it by taking actions and making little progress.

If your mind is telling you that you can't do it and just look for some easier things to do, again... command it to shut up. Never listen to it, instead listen to what your heart desires and never look back. Once you made a decision that you are going to do it, do it. Never mind if it is hard or easy, what matters is your decision to keep going and making a little improvement each day. It is your willingness to take actions that matters and not the level of difficulty of your goals.

If your mind is telling you that you're not good enough, not yet ready or not deserving... again, command it to shut up and never entertain weak thoughts again. Never welcome thoughts that doesn't empower you. Only focus on positive thoughts, motivation and something that will lift up your fighting spirit.

Your mind is always against you and you should be aware of it. Your mind is always attracted to fear, negative thoughts and any harmful ideas especially if the situation is uncomfortable. If you can tame your mind and replace the negative thoughts with a more positive one then you will be alright, you can move to next level, you can execute the next step.

Own your mind and train it how to behave, you can do it if you a have a strong will power and the only way to attain it is by facing uncomfortable situations and reminding yourself that you will be alright and all you need to do is move.

Your mind is powerful if used in the right way but at the same time it can also be your worst enemy so you must always be ready and aware if you are not thinking the right way.

How to command your mind to shut up.

1. Always go to your belief. Remind your self what you believe in and stick with that thought, never allow yourself to crumble during pressure times, let your belief take over of the situation and guide you what you need to do.

2. Keep taking actions even if it is painful. Even if it is really painful... always keep moving forward, you can rest for a moment but don't ever stop permanently. Negative thoughts will go away if you keep moving because it will get tired of bugging you. A positive thought will start to enter and give you more energy to keep going

3. Think about already possessing what you want. May it be a task that you want to finish, may it be a simple or big goal.. think about possessing it already so your mind will be occupied by hope and motivation. Your fear and doubts will go away, you will have the strength to carry on and move to the next level.

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