January 14, 2017


You will become true to yourself next time. You will not just choose an option because the situation or people is pressuring you to pick something. You already knew how it feels to pick a wrong choice so you will look at yourself honestly and ask yourself if you really want it. You will never listen to what other people say, instead you will listen to your heart closely and follow it.

You will become more patient. You impatience has led you to picking the wrong things. This time you are more patient and you will take your time so you won't be able to make the same mistake again. You will think harder, you will get a lot of references that is proven to be true. You will not take your ability to pick something for granted and you will use it very well.

You will know what you really want. You made the wrong choice from the past because you don't know what you really want. Because of that mistake, you were able to know what your heart really wants and you will never settle for your second best choice. You were able to see the difference between picking your own choice and picking a choice just for the sake of picking something. You will become choosy this time and you will gather all the details before making a choice.

You will know how to reject someone or something. Before, you don't know how to reject someone that is why you will just get what is being offered. You are so afraid to hurt other people's feelings that is why you don't want to reject them. Well, after seeing the consequences of your wrong choices and knowing how it feels to pick something you really don't like, you will reject everything that is not interesting to you anymore. You don't care if you hurt someone because you realized that how they feel is none of your business.

You will become more confident. Your self esteem will go higher because of the knowledge that you gain by making the wrong choices, you know now what to do next time. You will not act stupid next time because making the wrong choices has made you smarter and tougher.

You become a better person than yesterday. Mistakes will make you a better person if you will handle it correctly and apply the lesson you get from it. You become better because you realize that you are not perfect and it is ok to make mistakes because you're just a human. You become better by admitting that you are not as smart as you think and you need to experience more things to become smarter than yesterday.

Your knowledge has expand. You get a lot of feedback from the wrong choice that you did. The facts has been revealed, you unlock the answer to every question that you have. You become knowledgeable by obtaining the references that you get from making the wrong choice.


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