January 11, 2017


It is ok if you are full of confidence and making mistakes rather than being a person with no confidence and cannot even take small actions.

Because if you are overconfident, you will take risk, you will not be afraid of failing. Even if you commit a mistake... you will keep moving forward and make adjustments. And of course you will learn a lesson. You maybe overconfident now but once you keep failing and embarrassing yourself... your attitude will change, you will become humble next time and succeed.

Being overconfident doesn't mean arrogance, you just have a high belief in yourself that you can do anything once you put your mind into it.

Unlike someone who doesn't have any confidence at all, that poor little guy will achieve nothing. He will just be satisfied of what the have and he will never take his chances because he already failed just before he even begin because he has no confidence at all.

So if you have to choose, choose being over confident. Even if some people were offended by your aggressiveness or always being on the limelight... never mind them because the point here is you want to succeed in life. You are trying your best even if you are not qualified for doing it. You are taking your chances because that is the only way to win in life. Be loud if you needed to, have the most number of tries, don't stop until you become successful.

And one more thing, people who have no confidence would love to have confidence too. They wish they were overconfident too but they can't find out how to do it.

If you are over confident you will get a lot of opportunities because you think you can do it and that is why you will always try. You already think you won before you even begin. It is a bad thing but it is better than not trying at all.

If you have skills but no confidence you will still never succeed in life. If you have no skills but you are overconfident... you have a big chance to become successful. It is because you will try and try until you developed some skills that will put you on top.

If a company have to choose between the two people... one is overconfident and the other one has no confidence at all... the company will still choose the overconfident even if that person has no enough skills. It is because they company knew that that person has a room to grow and he will take actions even though he don't have the right skills. And taking actions and making decisions is very important. because it is giving progress and directions.


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