January 05, 2017


Becoming different means you are being yourself everyday, you don't do things because other people do it. You just keep on focusing on your own thing until you become better and better and people were slowly noticing that you are different. In other words, they are seeing your progress, they can't compare you to anyone because you follow your heart. You follow the voices inside of your head and once you do that... people will appreciate your uniqueness.

Becoming different is simply following your instincts, intuition and desires. Your decisions were not affected by the outside influences. You don't care if something or someone is succeeding, if you don't like it you leave it. You know what you want and you simply follow it, that is becoming different. It is so natural and genuine. That being said, you become different by not trying to, you become different by simply being yourself and letting the real you come out.

Trying to become different is another story. You want to look different, you try things that looks different just for the sake of people saying you are different. It is not natural, you try some things that look stupid. Even if you don't want something, you will try it because a lot of people were not using it. You look like you are trying hard too much, you are looking like a fool because you literally don't love what you are doing, you forced yourself to do it because you want to look unique.

Everyone is different from each other so if you are not being yourself because you are trying hard too much then it means you are not celebrating your uniqueness, you are looking for some other things and using it which will only take away your original identity.

If you want to become different then just follow your heart and never do things because you want to catch a lot of attention. There is nothing wrong in experimenting and trying something new for as long as you really want it from the bottom of your heart. But if you are doing something just to impress people then you are not being you, you are being a different person that is not different from others who are also trying hard to become different.