January 17, 2017


Sometimes you will wonder if what you are doing now still makes sense because you are not seeing a result yet. Sometimes you will think if you are just fooling yourself or are you really taking the right actions. You will come to a point where you will wonder if it is still logical to continue. Sometimes you will think that you are just making yourself tired and getting nothing, it is normal to think that way. You're just a human and frustrations will really come, doubts and fears will come especially if you can't make a momentum.

But you have no choice but to keep going. You have no choice but to believe in yourself if you want to become successful. There is no other way around but to keep moving forward. Never think about going back, just one step at a time and you will be there for sure.

Just do something positive even if you think that it is not making an impact, well at least it will make you closer. It is better than just whining in your bed and wondering what could happen if you take actions.

If you can't think of something to do then just do the easiest and simplest task first. You will be able to figure out what is next if you keep on taking actions. Action will make progression, it is the cure for stagnation.

Unlike someone who is stuck in a mud, that person will just wait for the opportunity that will never come. He will complain, he will blame the government and people around him why he is not being able to do some positive things in his life. The conclusion is.. the more you allow yourself to rest and avoid taking actions, the more you will become negative.

Don't be shy if you are just making little progress, at least you are going closer towards your dreams. Life is not a race, it is a matter of who can take actions until the end.

Being closer to what you want should be your goal and not the goal itself. This kind of mindset will keep you going and motivated. You will keep on taking actions even if that action has less contribution. The more you see yourself moving and making little progress, the more you will become determined to reach your goals. Little progress is very addictive, it will give you strength to carry on.

So keep getting closer and closer until you reach it. There are millions of ways how to get closer, you don't even to think at all. Just commit to taking actions and the rest will take care of itself. Never mind if you are tired, you can rest all day long once you are finished. Thinking about resting is already quitting so keep going and keep the fire burning.

It is very simple if you want it. It may not be very easy but it is very possible and doable. Just do something that will make you closer, do something that will make your situation better.

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