January 04, 2017


Are you just liking facebook posts or you create a viral post? which one are you? are you a just a spectator or a performer. There is nothing wrong in any of the two. This is just a reality check on what position in life you are in. You can choose what role in life you wanted to play, you have all the freedom in the world to do it. This article will differentiate the spectator and the performer.

The biggest difference between a spectator and a performer is... the performer has more confidence, he ca express himself, he is not afraid to show his ideas and he is very focused on being successful.

If you spend most of your time watching other people, criticizing them or admiring them then you are just a spectator, again there is nothing wrong with that if it is what you really want. You are simply happy watching other people being successful while you are living your simple life achieving nothing. Sometimes you wish to become a performer too and show them what you've got but you are too afraid to express your feelings. Maybe you are judging a lot of people that is why you are afraid of being judged too. You love making comments about a certain performance. You love giving your opinions and advises even though you haven't experienced being on that situation. You always think you know what is better and how to win but you haven't compete or perform just for even once in your lifetime. Sometimes you get mad at other comments especially if it is hitting your idol. You are always updated of what is going on around the world and you have a deep knowledge in criticizing people. Sometimes you are dreaming of becoming popular too or at least pursue your passion but you don't have time for that because you are too busy watching other people's life.

You are a performer if you are risking your name just to express your ideas and skills. You don't care if people hate your work, all you want is to have fun showing them what you've got. You don't have time to argue with critics because that is not your job, your job is to keep showing your creations and enjoy life. You are a performer if you are living your life to the fullest and finding what is possible out there. You keep on growing, learning and exploring life the way it should be.

So what role in life you wanted to be? You can be the judge, you are free to choose what do you think is more fun between the two.


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