January 03, 2017


To become more successful in life, to push yourself and double your results... you have to think that it can end anytime. You have to feel blessed that you are still doing it and you are still having the life you want.

If you are doing well in your business or career but sometimes you feel unmotivated to wake up early and continue what you've been doing... always think that it can end anytime. Because it really is, everything has an ending so while you are still on top and everything is going fine and smooth... never think that it can stay forever. Never take any second for granted because your situation can change anytime especially if you are acting like you can't fail anymore.

It is not about being negative, it is about feeling the sense of urgency to keep on taking actions and appreciating every second of your success and good life.

Look at those some athletes who never take their careers seriously, they were not working hard anymore because they were already earning big money. They never reach their full potential because they were always doing some other things that are fun but not a good contributor to their careers. And when they feel that their time for being an athlete is almost over because of growing old... that is the only time when the begin to realize that they need to appreciate their careers even more and take it seriously. They feel sorry for themselves because it is already too late. Their glory days were almost over, they cannot go back to the past and correct their mistakes.

Just because your on top doesn't mean your reign will never end. You should work hard even more and take things seriously because it can be taken away from you anytime. You should be thankful for every second that you're on top because time is very fast and you will leave your throne sooner or later.

So make the best of what you are experiencing now, try to make your success bigger and better. Try to make yourself even better until you reach your full potential because you never know when your strengths and power will be taken away from you.

Because you will have a lot of regrets if you don't do what you are supposed to do. You would love to change things and make your last run but it is too late because you've already lost your will and determination. The momentum is not on your side anymore and all you can do is watch your life pass by.


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