January 27, 2017


If you want to become successful... just simply take actions. What is it that you need to do but you don't want to do? DO IT and you're already successful, that's it. Because what you are doing now is what you wanted to do but not the most important one. Maybe right now you are just gossiping in facebook, talking about who is the most embarrassing celebrity, what is the most expensive cat, who is the latest pregnant and any other things that doesn't make sense. You love it but it's not taking action, maybe you are moving a little bit but that is not the real action that I am talking about.

A real action is something that will produce positive results in your life. It is hard to do that right? it is more fun to play Xbox 360 than to study chemistry, it is more fun to watch TV than to do something that will improve your skills. It is more fun to become lazy than to work super hard. Humans always seek for comfort that is why they always choose the easier path than the harder one. If they can afford not to take actions then they will not move at all. That is why there are lot of rich kids who were bum and cannot do something good in their life. They have everything, they don't need to work anymore that is why they don't know what to do. You think they were lucky and you want to exchange lives with them, but if you will only knew how they feel then maybe you will think that you are luckier than them. Those bums cannot take actions they were so used to having things handed to them for free. Once they feel stress, they freak out, they will go crazy and wild.

So if you were able to take action that will make you at least closer to your goal then you were already successful because that is very hard to do. Some people cannot even get started, they cannot even take a small amount of actions even though they always knew what to do.

So build the habit and the mindset of just doing it anyway even if it is hard to move. Even if your mind is telling you to just relax because everything will be fine and you can always do it later... still move and take baby steps.

You should be proud of yourself if you are taking actions even though you are not producing big results yet. Not all people can do that, not all people will move their ass and do the right thing. Sometimes brushing your own teeth is even very hard to do especially if you think you are tired.

But if you really want to change your life then commit to action. Never stop until you get it done. It is the only way to become successful, no shortcuts can save you, no magic pill can transform you into some kind of a machine that will instantly produce results.

You need to take it slow, take baby steps, one small action at a time. Breathe if you needed to but don't ever stop.

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