January 20, 2017


You can't accept that something in your life is not functioning anymore that is why you can't replace it with a better one. Accepting that you are weak, accepting that something is malfunctioning will make a specific situation better.

If you are not popular anymore, if people were not interested with you anymore... accept it. Don't fight it, don't feel bad about it, just accept it. Accept that you don't have it anymore, accept that popularity is not on your side anymore so you can move on and do some other things that are better and will make you even happier.

If one of you property was taken by the bank because you have debts that you can't pay... accept it. Accept that you don't have those things anymore and be humble. It is not hard to do it, just accept it so you will feel better and lighter. Accept it so you can move on to the next chapter of your life. Accept it so you will be able to work harder and think smarter next time, you will have a fresh start. You can buy some other properties if you will take care of your money very well next time.

If you're athleticism is already gone, if you can't jump high anymore and dunk the basketball... again, accept it. Accept that you are weak is some areas of your game so you can develop another skill where you can be good at. Accept that you can no longer fly so you will have the idea of practicing your shooting and becoming good at other areas where athleticism is not so much needed. It is just a matter of accepting that you are becoming weak at something and being open of becoming strong at some other thing. Acceptance will set you free, it will give you better opportunities.

A lot of people cannot accept that they don't have it anymore that is why they were so trapped in the past and they cannot move on. They cannot figure out how to do some other things, they don't see the pattern that was offered in front of them. Just because you are weakening in something doesn't mean you cannot become strong at some other things. It is just a matter of perspective and welcoming other opportunities that may come into your life.

If you can't accept that it doesn't belong to you anymore then you can never attract some better things that may knock on your door. You will remain bitter and chained in the past. You will become depressed, sad and weak. All you will think about is the glory that you have from the past that doesn't belong to you anymore.

Life is always changing, sometimes you're on top and sometimes you're at the bottom. It doesn't matter what position you have, what matters is you are open to change and committed to improving your life everyday. If things are not going well today it doesn't mean it can never become better tomorrow.

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