January 21, 2017


Mental toughness is the best weapon, asset and attribute that you can ever have. It is connected to willpower and motivation. If you are mentally tough... you can be anything you want, you can have anything you want. A brilliant mind can only go too far.

A tough mind is better than a brilliant mind because it can withstand anything, it can power through, push through and keep operating until the end. It can endure any tough challenges and still make your body move and operate at its best. A brilliant mind can have a lot of knowledge stocked in it but when it gets stunned... it will never operate at its best, it will panic and entertain a lot of negative thoughts that will make the situation worse.

A brilliant mind can be easily overwhelmed because it never experienced any though challenges from the past. Yeah, it can be creative sometimes and manage to pull some unique ideas but when the going gets tough... it crumbles and gets anxious that will put the owner of it on a very bad spot.

So if you have to choose what kind of mind you can have, always choose the tough mind because it can survive any situation, it can push until the end and thrive even if the situation is very uncomfortable. It can operate at its best and use its full capacity. Unlike a brilliant mind, it is only good when everything is running smooth. It is only good if it has a momentum but when a sudden unexpected event happened... it will be useless, it will shutdown or even break down.

A tough mind can dream everything and pursue it while a brilliant mind can only see what is possible and rational, it will never go outside of its comfort zone. It is always playing safe and looking for fast solutions. It is so scared of taking risk and going all out, it can only go to the places that it already knew from the start.

If you have a tough mind then you will never quit no matter what, you will keep taking actions until you are done. A brilliant mind is always full of hype but known for quitting, it is only good in the beginning, it doesn't have any killer instinct, it can't go any further once it is stressed.

A brilliant mind is full of ideas, plans and ambitions hut it never take actions, it is even having a hard time starting while a tough mind will just do it, it doesn't need to to get loud, it doesn't need any exposure, it will just execute and endure the process.

How to have a tough mind:

1. Pursue a goal and never stop until you have it.
2. Exercise everyday, run for a minimum of one hour without drinking water or taking a rest.
3. Never ask for help, if you can do it alone then do it, even if it takes a lot of time finishing it.
4. Watch a lot of motivational videos.
5. Never watch any news, never entertain any negativity in your head.
6. Learn to love pain.
7. Meditate.

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