January 11, 2017


There are some things that you must face and accept in order to become successful. If you're just new to this thing called "life" then you probably haven't experienced a lot of pain yet. This article will wake you up and brief you to reality. Life is not about lying on your couch and waiting to be lucky. You can't just be pressing the buttons of the remote control of your television and expect good things to happen. You have to work really hard and produce results by yourself. And when you're already working hard, it doesn't end that way, you still can't become successful by working hard. Things will still not run smoothly if you're taking actions, there are still some things that you have to face:

1. REJECTION. Rejection is part of the process, there is nothing wrong with it. Once you are applying for something... there is a big chance that you might get rejected. Although there are some people who pass right away but those are just rare situations. You have to be immune with rejection, don't feel bad about it, don't whine about it. Treat rejection as no big deal. Weak people got easily discouraged by being rejected. They don't know that it is normal to get rejected and it doesn't mean anything. It doesn't mean you are weak or incapable if you got rejected, it just happens that the one who rejects you doesn't like you or he see some other things. You have to keep on trying and applying once you got rejected. If your boss rejects your application for promotion or increase of salary, try again next year until your boss got sick and tired of you and grant you what you wish.

2. PAIN OF FAILING. It is really painful to fail especially if you give your best and you think there is nothing more left in your tank. But if you really wanted to become successful in life then you have to face failure, you have to accept it and move on. Fail as many times as you can and don't forget to keep the lesson. If you are afraid of failing then you will never succeed, you will become the same person as you were yesterday. Failing means growth, failing will bring you to another level.

3. EMBARRASSMENT. There are some mean people in this world who will embarrass you. Your boss will embarrass you, your professor will embarrass you, a person who has a higher position than you will embarrass you. It is normal, it is nothing. If you don't get hurt physically then you should not bleed. Don't get too emotional because sensitivity will lead to poverty. Words are nothing if it can't kill you. Just keep on working and try to reach the highest position that you can reach. People will never embarrass you again once you become successful.

4. DOUBTS. You have to face your doubts and make actions to remove it. Even the most successful people have doubted themselves before. You will doubt yourself especially if things are not going well. You have to overcome it and keep bringing back the faith that you have before. Keep bringing back that belief that you have in yourself before. Doubts are traitors, it will make you weak even if you are really strong. Face it and don't believe it.

5. FEAR. Sometimes you will be scared of the things that are not really scary. Things that have affected you from the past. You have to face everything that you fear so that you will grow and you will be able to explore different possibilities in life. Life is pretty exciting if you will do what scared you the most. Fear is just a state of mind, it is not real. It will only become reality if you keep thinking about it. Instead of thinking about your fears, replace it with happier thoughts and expectations.

6. FATIGUE. If you keep on working hard everyday of course you will become tired. But you have to face it, you have to accept that fatigue will not excuse you. Fatigue is normal and don't try to use it as an excuse not to work today. You have still have to work even if you are tired and not feeling well, that is what champion does... they keep moving even if there is no more energy left in their body. You can rest but don't rest too much because you will only lose your momentum.

7. CRITICS. No matter how good you are or how nice you are, no matter what your skill level is, you can become an expert or mediocre but critics will never leave you. People will still have something to say to you even if you tried to become so perfect. They will see your flaws, they will judge you and humiliate you. The good thing about critics is it only gives attention to people who are thriving so if you are being criticized it only means you are doing well in life. Have no feelings for critics and use it as a motivation to become better.

8. SACRIFICE. You have to face a lot of sacrifices to become successful in life. There comes a time when you have to choose between working or partying, there comes a time when you have to choose between sleeping or resting. You have to face it if you want to reach another level. You can't become great if you will always choose pleasure.


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